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     As you progress down the road to enlightenment, your false personality will begin to cause you pain, it does not like it that you are progressing and leaving it behind, so it starts to cause you pain in one way or another, your back or certain muscles in your body will be or get sore for no apparent reason, causing you much discomfort just to get you to stop what you are doing.


This is a part of the bio programming that has been prearranged before your life even started, it is there to test your mettle so to speak, another challenge placed to discourage you from ignoring your false life,


it is relentless and will stop at nothing to distract you from your focus, it wants you to quit what it is that you are trying to do, you see this game is played on level 10 all of the time, and it will not let up,


the best thing to do is to ignore the pain, especially if you know that there is no real good reason for it, and eventually it will fade away.


There is also a possibility that the pain is due to "wrong thinking" or "wrong actions" on your part, and your soul is trying to modify your behavior in some way, in this case it is a good thing that you use your observant self to analyze your actions to see if you are making mistakes somewhere.


It may be completely unavoidable to have pain for one reason or another, I noticed that for most of my clueless life I was without pain, my false selves were happy with the status quo, but as soon as I began to lift that veil of ignorance and started to see the truth about reality,


the pain started, it wanted me to just stay in bed and ride it out until I got better like it was some sort of illness that needed to run it's course,


exercise of different types seemed to do something to a point, but the pain continued to return day after day whether I liked it or not, it seemed to be best to ignore it for the most part and ride it out until it was totally forgotten and finally went away.


The pain subsides when it realizes that that part of you has been changed and is not going to change back, but lo and behold it returns when you make a new revelation about your self or another change that one of your false selves just doesn't want to let go of,


it's a continuous tearing down and building up process that in my case anyways is painful, mostly annoying, I just look at it as being another test to see how dedicated I really am at finding the entire truth of reality.


JUST DON'T GIVE UP!, you were given free will for a reason, once you realize this and that there are no things that can sway you from your path, the behavioral modifications that you are trying to implement become easier and easier.


There will be times that you just cannot reason why you have pain and it just doesn't go away, it may also be that you are burning Karmic ribbons from some previous life, where you have to feel this pain to equal out the imbalance you created, possibly in this life time or a previous life where you gave someone some pain,


if you can ask your true self or God or your spirit guide to show you or explain why you have this pain, you may be fortunate enough to get an answer in the way of a visible encounter that explains the situation in a way that you may understand.


In my case one time, I was shown in a dream a sort of trough at the beach that went into the ocean and was being flushed by the waves, it had large rocks in it that were seemingly being washed by the surf coming in, it looked cool and inviting, I went closer and noticed that something shiny was washed ashore, when I looked at it, I noticed that it looked like an old mercury dime, but upon closer inspection I noticed that it really wasn't, one side was different and it was made of aluminum instead of silver,


in my mind, this told me that a false portion of myself was being washed away and cleared out, as if the trough was me and the waves were cleansing me, I all of a sudden thought that I would Fast for that day,


I really never had fasted before, even 24 hours, and for some reason I felt like doing it now, it is hard to explain, but the fasting would be a type of spiritual cleansing that I needed,


also with my analysis from my observant self, I remembered that I had been having some discomfort in my stomach for the last couple of weeks, and I knew that my diet was not so bad,


I wasn't afraid since Gandhi had fasted for long periods over 30 days without permanent damage, I wasn't going to try to break any records, but I figured that 36 hours would be a good start, and then I would see about longer periods if the results were to my liking.


I understand that pain may be unavoidable as your enlightenment progresses, but when you understand that this may be required or expected especially if it is physically unwarranted and be the cause of something you may have an idea about, it should make it much easier, just hang in there and you will end up better for it in the long run.


I have also heard that pain is not at all necessary for enlightenment, but our souls use it because it is effective for thought or behavioral modifications when the stubbornness of our thoughts and actions are delaying our progress.


By the way, after my 36 hour fast, the back pain and stomach discomfort had completely disappeared, I have tried to make fasting a regular spiritual cleansing for my self, my wife does not understand it and worries, I have made it up to 62 hours so far, but I wish to make sure that I am in very good health and weight before I try to exceed that amount.


Now I'm sure you have tried and investigated and fasted, but the pain persists, I cannot disagree with seeing a Doctor, as viruses and the like are not out of the realm of possibility, there are also hermetic healing techniques, reflexology, pressure points to be manipulated,


I cannot go into detail about these techniques here, but researching these subjects are also worthwhile, although I tend to give my soul great latitude in what it wants for me, I also have to go to the Doctor once in a while for preventive maintenance, or at least until I have greater control over my body.

Enlightenment is enevitable



     This will be a few thoughts of mine about enlightenment, enlightenment could have a variety of meanings according to what you look up and where, over 20 years ago, I had a friend mention to me that he did not appreciate me calling him at exactly 11:11 because when he hears the phone ring and he looked at the clock, it showed 11:11 and he viewed this as evil.


I didn't understand his reasoning, so I started to investigate this number and it's meaning, most of what I found was the opposite of what he thought, it was considered a call to enlightenment, it was strange because ever since he mentioned it and brought it to my attention, I would start to see this number everywhere, on receipts from stores, restaurants, bank receipts and especially when I would happen to look at the clocks in my home,


what did this mean? What is it trying to tell me? I was really clueless at this point, I thought my friend had passed some weird curse to me that was going to slowly drive me insane.


After some more research I began to realize that It wanted me to do something, so I started to enlighten myself about everything possible, every little question in my head that puzzled me, I would begin to study as to learn more.


I am a fairly logical person and the thought had crossed my mind that possibly I had been doing this to myself subconsciously, that is, was my own internal timing that was seeking this number in some bazaar way? but why? I would ask myself, for what purpose? I had no good answer except for the purpose of learning something.


Well the business I was working for at the time was closing and I would soon be out of a job, the owner disconnected the time-clock and of course it ended at 11:11. I got another job and continued to see this number in every imaginable situation. Emails that I sent, emails that I received, voicemails the coincidence's were heavily unbalanced where it was no longer possible for me to be the sole cause of what I was perceiving,


so I began to make a game of it, so each time I would see this number, I would say a prayer or I would do a search for what ever happened to be on my mind in that moment. This continued for at least 20 years until I consciously felt that the obsessive number had stopped popping up, it ended when I began writing my thoughts down for this web site.


The number did not exactly discontinue completely, but probably decreased by 90% where it could now probably be considered coincidence when I see it. Still, SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND is a very important part of my life and I still continue to this day looking for that particular pattern or puzzle piece that may answer that nagging question, whatever it may be.


     Over all of my years of study and exploration of the meaning of life, I have discovered a couple of simple things, do un to others as you would have them do un to you, meaning treat people as you would wish to be treated and live and let live.


You can have your own beliefs and you can tell others of your beliefs, but forcing someone to believe as you believe will not work as that would create an imbalance, because God's free will would be circumvented and the oppression would result in negative outcomes.


If you are an atheist, it doesn't mean you are a bad person, a bad person is someone that does bad things. If you believe your beliefs are the only true way to be, that is your right to think this way and should not be condemned, you should be allowed to think as you wish and practice your religion as you wish,


but if you think that your beliefs are the only true way to believe and all others that don't believe as you do should die, just this thought alone will cause an imbalance and acting on it by killing, further increases the imbalance not only by oppression but by robbing others of their chances to worship as they please.


     My God and most peoples God is a loving merciful God, a God that will guide you if it believes your beliefs are in error, after all, God has given us all free will, but that does not include the suppression of other's free will,


God has given us life, it does not give anyone the right to take that away. If you believe that it is your right to take vengeance on someone because they do not believe as you do, you have been deceived, and your God is not a loving and merciful God, but something else,


and if you are able to read this on the internet, then you have the ability to read other literature and you also have the ability to be enlightened to the one true God's purpose.


Belief is belief and intention is intention, strive to keep these true and just, and God and or your conscience will guide you to enlightenment.


I has been said and it is believed by many that everything that happens in life and on our planet is predestined,


at first I thought this was wrong because God had given us all free will, and this would imply that our lives and our free will had no meaning, no cause and effect, only prearranged outcome,


then I thought it was a challenge, and I said to myself...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I don't care to be thought of as being predictable, so I figure that I will start this website, after all, it was meant to be...

Now all of the people that come to this site, that read what I have to say were destined to do so anyways, this is a new power I have, fulfilling my destiny by preaching peace and love and tolerance,


when I thought it was my idea to refuse to accept rape and slavery and torture as being an acceptable practice ever, in fact it was my destiny to tell people that these things are against the one true God's laws and good common sense because they deny free will to the victims.

more to come soon...