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     As you progress down the road to enlightenment, your false personality will begin to cause you pain, it does not like it that you are progressing and leaving it behind, so it starts to cause you pain in one way or another, your back or certain muscles in your body will be or get sore for no apparent reason, causing you much discomfort just to get you to stop what you are doing.


This is a part of the bio programming that has been prearranged before your life even started, it is there to test your mettle so to speak, another challenge placed to discourage you from ignoring your false life,


it is relentless and will stop at nothing to distract you from your focus, it wants you to quit what it is that you are trying to do, you see this game is played on level 10 all of the time, and it will not let up,


the best thing to do is to ignore the pain, especially if you know that there is no real good reason for it, and eventually, it will fade away.


There is also a possibility that the pain is due to "wrong thinking" or "wrong actions" on your part, and your soul is trying to modify your behavior in some way, in this case it is a good thing that you use your observant self to analyze your actions to see if you are making mistakes somewhere.


It may be completely unavoidable to have pain for one reason or another, I noticed that for most of my clueless life I was without pain, my false selves were happy with the status quo, but as soon as I began to lift that veil of ignorance and started to see the truth about reality,


the pain started, it wanted me to just stay in bed and ride it out until I got better like it was some sort of illness that needed to run its course,


an exercise of different types seemed to do something to a point, but the pain continued to return day after day whether I liked it or not, it seemed to be best to ignore it for the most part and ride it out until it was totally forgotten and finally went away.


The pain subsides when it realizes that that part of you has been changed and is not going to change back, but lo and behold it returns when you make a new revelation about your self or another change that one of your false selves just doesn't want to let go of,


it's continuous tearing down and building up a process that in my case anyways is painful, mostly annoying, I just look at it as being another test to see how dedicated I really am at finding the entire truth of reality.


JUST DON'T GIVE UP!, you were given free will for a reason, once you realize this and that there are no things that can sway you from your path, the behavioral modifications that you are trying to implement become easier and easier.


There will be times that you just cannot reason why you have pain and it just doesn't go away, it may also be that you are burning Karmic ribbons from some previous life, where you have to feel this pain to equal out the imbalance you created, possibly in this life time or a previous life where you gave someone some pain,


if you can ask your true self or God or your spirit guide to show you or explain why you have this pain, you may be fortunate enough to get an answer in the way of a visible encounter that explains the situation in a way that you may understand.


In my case one time, I was shown in a dream a sort of trough at the beach that went into the ocean and was being flushed by the waves, it had large rocks in it that were seemingly being washed by the surf coming in, it looked cool and inviting, I went closer and noticed that something shiny was washed ashore, when I looked at it, I noticed that it looked like an old mercury dime, but upon closer inspection I noticed that it really wasn't, one side was different and it was made of aluminum instead of silver,


in my mind, this told me that a false portion of myself was being washed away and cleared out, as if the trough was me and the waves were cleansing me, I all of a sudden thought that I would Fast for that day,


I really never had fasted before, even 24 hours, and for some reason, I felt like doing it now, it is hard to explain, but the fasting would be a type of spiritual cleansing that I needed,


also with my analysis from my observant self, I remembered that I had been having some discomfort in my stomach for the last couple of weeks, and I knew that my diet was not so bad,


I wasn't afraid since Gandhi had fasted for long periods over 30 days without permanent damage, I wasn't going to try to break any records, but I figured that 36 hours would be a good start, and then I would see about longer periods if the results were to my liking.


I understand that pain may be unavoidable as your enlightenment progresses, but when you understand that this may be required or expected especially if it is physically unwarranted and be the cause of something you may have an idea about, it should make it much easier, just hang in there and you will end up better for it in the long run.


I have also heard that pain is not at all necessary for enlightenment, but our souls use it because it is effective for thought or behavioral modifications when the stubbornness of our thoughts and actions are delaying our progress.


By the way, after my 36 hour fast, the back pain and stomach discomfort had completely disappeared, I have tried to make fasting a regular spiritual cleansing for my self, my wife does not understand it and worries, I have made it up to 62 hours so far, but I wish to make sure that I am in very good health and weight before I try to exceed that amount.


Now I'm sure you have tried and investigated and fasted, but the pain persists, I cannot disagree with seeing a Doctor, as viruses and the like are not out of the realm of possibility, there are also hermetic healing techniques, reflexology, pressure points to be manipulated,


I cannot go into detail about these techniques here, but researching these subjects are also worthwhile, although I tend to give my soul great latitude in what it wants for me, I also have to go to the Doctor once in a while for preventive maintenance, or at least until I have greater control over my body.

Enlightenment is enevitable

What is Enlightenment?


     This will be a few thoughts of mine about enlightenment, enlightenment could have a variety of meanings according to what you look up and where, over 20 years ago, I had a friend mention to me that he did not appreciate me calling him at exactly 11:11 because when he hears the phone ring and he looked at the clock, it showed 11:11 and he viewed this as evil.


I didn't understand his reasoning, so I started to investigate this number and it's meaning, most of what I found was the opposite of what he thought, it was considered a call to enlightenment, it was strange because ever since he mentioned it and brought it to my attention, I would start to see this number everywhere, on receipts from stores, restaurants, bank receipts and especially when I would happen to look at the clocks in my home,


what did this mean? What is it trying to tell me? I was really clueless at this point, I thought my friend had passed some weird curse to me that was going to slowly drive me insane.


After some more research I began to realize that It wanted me to do something, so I started to enlighten myself about everything possible, every little question in my head that puzzled me, I would begin to study as to learn more.


I am a fairly logical person and the thought had crossed my mind that possibly I had been doing this to myself subconsciously, that is, was my own internal timing that was seeking this number in some bizarre way? but why? I would ask myself, for what purpose? I had no good answer except for the purpose of learning something.


Well the business I was working for at the time was closing and I would soon be out of a job, the owner disconnected the time-clock and of course, it ended at 11:11. I got another job and continued to see this number in every imaginable situation. Emails that I sent, emails that I received, voicemails the coincidences were heavily unbalanced where it was no longer possible for me to be the sole cause of what I was perceiving,


so I began to make a game of it, so each time I would see this number, I would say a prayer or I would do a search for whatever happened to be on my mind in that moment. This continued for at least 20 years until I consciously felt that the obsessive number had stopped popping up, it ended when I began writing my thoughts down for this website.


The number did not exactly discontinue completely, but probably decreased by 90% where it could now probably be considered coincidence when I see it. Still, SEEK AND YE SHALL FIND is a very important part of my life and I still continue to this day looking for that particular pattern or puzzle piece that may answer that nagging question, whatever it may be.


     Overall of my years of study and exploration of the meaning of life, I have discovered a couple of simple things, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, meaning treat people as you would wish to be treated and live and let live.


You can have your own beliefs and you can tell others of your beliefs, but forcing someone to believe as you believe will not work as that would create an imbalance, because God's free will would be circumvented and the oppression would result in negative outcomes.


If you are an atheist, it doesn't mean you are a bad person, a bad person is someone that does bad things. If you believe your beliefs are the only true way to be, that is your right to think this way and should not be condemned, you should be allowed to think as you wish and practice your religion as you wish,


but if you think that your beliefs are the only true way to believe and all others that don't believe as you do should die, just this thought alone will cause an imbalance and acting on it by killing, further increases the imbalance not only by oppression but by robbing others of their chances to worship as they please.


     My God and most peoples God is a loving merciful God, a God that will guide you if it believes your beliefs are in error, after all, God has given us all free will, but that does not include the suppression of other's free will,


God has given us life, it does not give anyone the right to take that away. If you believe that it is your right to take vengeance on someone because they do not believe as you do, you have been deceived, and your God is not a loving and merciful God, but something else,


and if you are able to read this on the internet, then you have the ability to read other literature and you also have the ability to be enlightened to the one true God's purpose.


Belief is belief and intention is the intention, strive to keep these true and just, and God and or your conscience will guide you to enlightenment.


I have been said and it is believed by many that everything that happens in life and on our planet is predestined,


at first, I thought this was wrong because God had given us all free will, and this would imply that our lives and our free will had no meaning, no cause, and effect, only prearranged outcome,


then I thought it was a challenge, and I said to myself...CHALLENGE ACCEPTED, I don't care to be thought of as being predictable, so I figure that I will start this website, after all, it was meant to be...

Now all of the people that come to this site, that read what I have to say were destined to do so anyway, this is a new power I have, fulfilling my destiny by preaching peace and love and tolerance,


when I thought it was my idea to refuse to accept rape and slavery and torture as being an acceptable practice ever, in fact, it was my destiny to tell people that these things are against the one true God's laws and good common sense because they deny free will to the victims.


So now all of the people that come to this site and learn of peace and love and have changed their lives because of it were destined to do so anyways....How liberating to know that what you are doing, ends up having to be done anyways free will or not.


In my opinion, the only things in our lives that are predestined are the challenges that we must meet in order to be enabled to have a chance to balance out what we have upset in our life or in our previous lives,


these challenges or tests will lead us to decisions that we will have to make, that exercises our free will, and if we have learned enough and have gained enough wisdom, the outcome should be for the positive.


Now it has been over a year since I have written the above statements, I feel that I should leave them as they are even though I have learned much, my knowledge has accelerated greatly and I have learned so much that my views of life have expanded or evolved to where the truth has become more available to me and there are many realizations that I have come to acknowledge,


there is the large amount of literature that I have absorbed and the understanding of that seems to be the vehicle to my increase in wisdom, which in turn seems to have transformed me into something much greater than I was,


I have split, I have shed the skin of my ignorance to be able to perceive so much more than I ever could, I have included many new chapters in my evolution on this site so that others may find what I have found,


the truth is truly liberating, leaving all of the Maya and dogma behind from all of the superfluous bling and drama and superstitions, is a weight that held my soul from being liberated for most of my life,


my beliefs have been streamlined to just the truth and the reality of all of our existence, unfortunately, this has happened so late in my life, I feel that this would have been so much greater if it happened 25 years ago,


but also I have found that I currently have such a greater advantage over the majority of the human race since I have lived so many lives and my bio computer has been programmed to enable me to seek as I have done,


others will have a much harder time trying to accomplish what I have been programmed to do, they will be younger with their senses and emotions taking the reins, they will have to be driven to excel,


but even though they may not complete what they set out to accomplish, they still will have that small amount of wisdom carry over to some extent to their next life, and will have a foot up on the others in their same situation.


As long as the knowledge is out there and is available for all to find, the seekers will make sure that it is understood and that others know this knowledge is essential for our race to evolve.


A large step in the continuation to the achievement of enlightenment is to realize that there is a Duality in humans that have to be totally controlled before any advancement can be made towards enlightenment,


I have detailed some instruction on this subject that has plagued humanity for many thousands of years when the false personality has been observed and controlled, the Ego will be such where the spirit will have the upper hand and control of your destiny will be yours.


Enlightenment is not an easy task, our lives as we have lived them have programmed us to be as we are now, we are dependant on material things and unwarranted desirous thoughts invade our minds,


there is a bottom line here and most people are not willing to approach it because of their programming, this bottom line is the rejection of most of the material reality as we now know it, to begin with,


the observation of our duality is paramount, just the changing of our general thoughts will be a big step, just this action can be enough to change you to realize what direction this will be taking you.


This enlightenment will be different for all people, there is no quick and easy way to do this, the change will come from within, depending on what you read, what you do and how you proceed to live your life, a less dependence on your 5 senses is a good start, don't give in to desire.


Now I have spoken of Atheism saying just because you do not believe in any sort of deity, that doesn't make you a bad person, this is most definitely true, but to reach a point of enlightenment that you may desire may depend on some sort of belief of higher or universal intelligence,


it does not need to be God per say, the Tao is not a deity, but an all-pervasive intelligence and can be of use, if you believe in nothing what so ever, if you believe that you are born, you live and then you die and it is all over, then there is no point in following these lessons in great detail,


if anything you should have a belief in YOURSELF, and as long as it is a positive belief, that is a step in the right direction, most of these lessons directed towards enlightenment, involve God or an all-encompassing intelligence that has created all that is and has given everyone free will to do and think as they wish, and has created all of mankind in its image, which means that we can do the works that this power has done and does.

What am I

What am I?


I have been around before the beginning of time, I was around when the sun and solar system was not even formed, the "BIG BANG" as science wishes to call it has happened more times than I care to remember,


I was created at the same time that all of the others like me were created.

I have a Father and I have a Mother which are really both and neither, my creator is so great that no one name can possibly do it justice,


it has been called God or Tao, but I shall refer to it as "All THAT IS", I have been sent from "ALL THAT IS" to learn all that I can in order to increase the knowledge of "I" and "ALL THAT IS",


I have made these sorts of trips many times, and I have gone to many Planets in many galaxies and have been many creatures and beings over and over again.


I will first start off scouting a planet by becoming some of the more simple things of the nonsentient variety in the mineral kingdom in order to get a feel for what is going on.


In my normal state, I do not experience time, as I am not corporeal, I do not age, and traveling through time is as common to me as taking a walk down the street is to you,


every step is another time on the line to eternity, but when I enter a 3 dimensional plane to occupy an object or thing, I have to obey the laws of that certain plane or should I say my object or thing has to obey these laws and I am able to observe and or experience what this object or thing experiences,


this is usually done without the thing ever even knowing that I exist, I can recall the billions of your years I have spent being a rock or mountain high above or deep below in an ocean,


observing life as it progresses and evolves, or a creature of land, sea or air in order to observe the sentient species that inhabit that particular sphere before I choose if I wish to become one of them,


and when I have made the decision to become one of these sentient species, I make this decision with about 1000 of my fellow fragments which are called an entity, we all begin these adventures together,


we are not the only group, as the universe is more expansive than you can imagine, it is the same above as it is below, we will combine 7 of our entities to form yet a larger group or Cadre, our numbers are infinite as we make up ALL THAT IS and our lives are usually spent more or less together without any of our occupied beings having any knowledge of our existence.


I have been a sentient plant life form, a sentient form of Sea anemone, I have been enormously huge and extremely small sentient forms and have lived and died hundreds and hundreds of times, in each of these sentient species yet I cannot be destroyed, I am able to experience all of the attitudes and emotions of these forms without any harm ever coming to me.


When we thought about coming to experience the Earth plane of existence, We started as trees and shrubs, we had the ability to "feel" each other as our connections were through the ether or as your science calls dark energy or dark matter and enabled us to feel the emotions of these humans that lived about us,


and then we progressed to almost every type of insect, I was once a mosquito that got trapped in sap from a tree and experienced existence as a piece of amber worn around the neck of a human, I was revered for my natural beauty this was my first experience with humans,


but I was not quite ready yet, I still wanted to try all of the cold-blooded fish and warm-blooded animals. I have hunted and I have been hunted, I have eaten and I have been eaten countless times,


I was once a Lion, where previous to the incarnation, I had made arrangements with a fragment occupying an early human to have an experience with this human, I had chased this human where he had fallen from a cliff while escaping my pursuit, his fellow tribe members had finally tracked me down to end my life,


some of my final experiences before I decided to become sentient was to be a common pet, a dog allowed me to observe the human experience more closely and to interact to further expand my experiences,


I had made another arrangement to occupy a common house cat that was owned by the same fragment that I had chased to his death in a previous live millennia earlier, I have now only existed under the laws of nature called cause and effect and have not had any responsibilities other than to exist and survive,


being pets or beasts of burden allowed me to see how humans treated the creatures of their planet.


Finally after countless millions of years I or shall I say We have decided to have the Human experience, this will be the most complex of our sentient experiences yet,


as being a Sea anemone, I was not able to build complex structures, but my mind was more complex as we communicated by telepathy, the same could be said for the plant lives that I was,


there was no spoken language, but all of our feelings were shared globally, when I was extremely large, there was a dexterity and agility limitation, as for being a Human, we eventually gained speech to communicate,


we had the agility to travel greater distances, and a large host of emotions that could cause many problems, I could no longer feel what others felt, we were more separate and misunderstandings were a continuous burden to our evolution.


The humans were for the most part ignorant of our existence and were more involved with their material conquests and their crude Dogmas that pertained to their perceived Deities,


they were mostly a hindrance that delayed their progress for the most part.


Humans continually fought over material gains and land all in the name of their Deities, they created such great cosmic imbalances that it would take many lifetimes to resolve their Karmas, I would take the forms of males and then females,


switching between as each life passed, I was of many nationalities, black, white, red, yellow and brown, they would fail to respect each other's beliefs and would deny others free will to suit their beliefs.


Even though over the many centuries technology increased greatly, the mind was not explored enough to realize our presence, there were some of our kind on missions to reveal our presence, but mostly ignorance and greed prevented any great progress,


humans just didn't realize that ALL of their planet was part of ALL THAT IS and that they and everything else was connected together,


our kind has put the humans through every test imaginable, every role, every emotion, every attitude, every feeling has been programmed into these humans to experience life in ALL of its aspects,


they, of course, have been given free will to do as they please, we even create circumstances as little tests throughout their lives to monitor the outcomes, to see if they know instinctively the difference

between their versions of right and wrong.


We do not feel hate or jealousy or any negative emotion that the humans feel, we only feel LOVE for ALL THAT IS, we cannot be sorry for what we do and how we do it, it is what humans would call "tough love",


they must "learn" to evolve, the humans have wars and kill each other over lands that are not even theirs, they do not allow each other to believe as they wish about what they wish, they acquire great wealth in the way of "things" that only cause them pain and suffering,


they do not realize that "Wisdom and Love" are the true riches that are to be acquired and cherished.


The humans think that their world's situation is sad, but they have made it this way, we cannot feel this way, we only know that this testing is necessary for the evolution of this planet to continue.


As soon as the humans realize that warring over beliefs and land only hurt their evolution, greed and oppression hinder their progress, jealousy and hate stifle their well being, they will have a clue that we exist.


With wisdom and love, they will be able to lift the veil of ignorance to see who or what they really are, an integral part of ALL THAT IS, then and only then they will truly be conscience for the first time.


Right now, I am a Soul in a Human form and after I have learned all that I can on this planet, I will recombine with my other fragments to complete my entity,


then I shall come together with other entities on my journey back to ALL THAT IS, then I shall do it all over again on another planet in possibly another galaxy possibly more advanced than earth.


Possibly someday Earth shall evolve to a more advanced species and I may want to make my journey again to this planet with humans that have grown past their dogmas and hate, where love is the prevailing emotion and Truth is what will be sought after more than anything else.

Symbolism and Ritual


Among all of our religions and beliefs and superstitions, there are things that we hold dear, particular items, specific pieces of clothing, ritualistic items that we have given power, mostly this power is for reminding us of our deities and the power that they have,


we have rituals that make moments that we use them very powerful and memorable, this is how we make things special and mystical, these actions that we perform with our special items make the moments that we are using and doing them, moments to be remembered,


items of clothing with specific numbers of threads that are wrapped a specific amount of times with knots of a specific number and made of specific materials remind us in many ways of our Gods,


the symbolism of sacred geometry which is taken straight from our scriptures uses proportions and angles and numbers that correspond to specific things that help in our memories of special times and places where and when things happened that were of great consequence,


along with prayers, these are what have made our religions very specific.


When all of these items and rituals are used for positive results, good is the outcome, when these rituals and Items are used out of superstition and fear, the outcome is less than good,


we all have the power to create, this power can be used for good and it can be used for less than good, we all have a power of attraction, good attracts good and fear attracts less than good,


when we have a thing that is supposed to bring good luck, we have given this thing a power, we have given it power over us, if we forget or lose this item, it still has the power we have given it,


except we no longer have it, now we are at its mercy, this would be considered a bad use of a thing, any sort of talisman or good luck charm is dependent of having it in your possession or else it doesn't work or works the opposite,


this is the power WE have given this item when we have an item that is used in a ritualistic practice that is of an inert nature, it tends to make the ceremony more memorable,


when we wear a specific piece of religious clothing, this is a positive thing that reminds us of something specifically spiritual and is also good, worrying about forgetting to put on this specific piece of clothing is useless,


in fact, thinking about this article that you have forgotten to wear does the same if not more to remind you of its purpose, remember, these are all just "things" of a material nature,


they truly have no power, if we choose to give an item a power, it should be inert and only good, absolutely nothing should be dependant on that item.


Superstition has run amok in some cultures where certain things and certain actions are taboo, just by filtering out the bad and only leaving the good in addition to not giving any specific power to any material item will remedy this greatly,


warding off evil is a two-edged sword that will sooner or later cut you, paying evil no attention and being grateful for what is good in your life performs this service much better and with fewer props.


When we perform rituals, it is the intentions that have all of the power, it is what we have decided to sacrifice that gives it the power, the symbolism of the ritual is the eye candy and is what makes it an event to remember,


if you do not have the goodies, the robes, the wands, the ceremonial this and the ritualistic that, it is only less memorable, the purpose of the ritual is supposed to have a good outcome or provide good for the future,


if your rituals are performed with its intentions the focus of the ceremony, no props are necessary at all, but they are helpful to those that are new to it and have not acquired the faith required at first.

Are we Evolving?


Only 500 years ago it was a popular opinion that the earth was flat and was at the center of the universe or that everything revolved around it, people like Copernicus and Galileo paid for their opinions by the hierarchy of the religious sects ridiculing them and worse,


Religion was big back then and it is big right now except that the Dogmas and superstitions have changed to encompass different parts of scriptures, it is not so important to mention any particular religion or scripture as it is quite evident that they all have their faults,


and the main fault that they all have is that they are written by man, and man has a dual personality, there are no exceptions to this, there are only degrees of control of this duality, our realization of this fact and our initiative to wisely use our free will for more spiritual and divine purposes rather than succumbing to our emotions and wallowing in our material based senses is what is going to save us all,


the big question is when? Just take a step back and look at our world and what concerns humanity, see how our world leaders present themselves to humanity and it is embarrassing, yet we are evolving,


science has taken a poke at religion and religion recites the same dogmas, the answers are all there, we just need to pay attention, even though our scriptures were written by man, that doesn't mean that there wasn't any divine inspiration,


if we just use a little discrimination along with our intuition, some wisdom may peek through. Be it God or the Tao or even only a belief in Humanity, there is a logical progression to all of this,


essentially there does not have to be a belief in anything that cannot be proven, only an understanding that we all have free will and that we are not required to have wars and to suppress others beliefs,


just a reasonable amount of tolerance along with some unconditional love would be enough to allow us to live on a peaceful planet that we can all be proud of.


Once we get out of the survival mode and realize that all of the confrontations are no longer necessary we can get down to the business of evolving,


losing all of that superstition and leaving the Maya and Dogma behind will release those shackles of ignorance and allow us to literally "see the light" our existences will become much more clear for us to see and understand,


the truth of our existences will become known to all, and everyone's religion will have some real worth, we will notice that there is wisdom in all religions and even though they were all written by man,


the spiritual and divine inspiration will shine through, and the material and emotional based Ideas will become history, our evolution is dependant on how we live our lives and treat each other in the process,


to start we only need to be tolerant of other peoples beliefs, and by expressing our compassion and showing an interest in others beliefs, we become more civilized and expand our reasoning process which leads to wisdom and eventually enlightenment.

Can Enlightenment be Scary?


Enlightenment tends to be a subjective experience that can be different for every individual, it doesn't need to be scary because it is the awareness of a reality that has come to bear on your consciousness,


it should be more of an epiphany that causes you to wonder why you didn't think of that before, or possibly you would come to the thought of why doesn't everyone see this or understand this because it has become so blatantly obvious to you,


enlightenment will bring an urgency to you where it is of paramount importance to enlighten other people of what you have learned, the only possible scary part could be the realization of what you have done in the past or how you may have acted,


after your profound ideas that have come to bear and your new outlook on life and living there will be very little that would scare you because you will realize that all of those old ideas and fears were actually meaningless,


this is not to say that your enlightenment will not be scary to others, your friends and family will see you differently and their false personalities may reject this "new you" and you may even end up being a sort of outcast,


also, this will matter very little to you and you will still attempt to explain your new self and new ideas to them, eventually you will find your "mission" and will be absorbed into the process required for its completion,


also, Enlightenment does not come "out of the blue" for everyone, usually you must be actively seeking wisdom and truth before it is thrust upon you, and then, it is a surprise that is more enjoyable than scary.


In addition, this enlightenment may not be complete, you may just be given a taste of what can possibly be during the enlightenment process,


and you may like what happened to you so much you may decide to push the spiritual envelope by radically changing your lifestyle and this is why enlightenment can be scary,


it was no walk in the park for Buddha, he radically fasted, and lived homeless for most of his life, giving up most all material things and having complete and entire control over his emotions,


this is not an easy task especially if you have responsibilities to other people, a job, a house, and stuff have to be considered depending on how far you are willing to go, it can be quite scary,


but on the other hand, when enlightenment comes to a certain degree, fear becomes non-existant, it is realized that there is nothing to truly be afraid of, your emotions will become under control and you will react fairly consistent in all situations,


the "knowing" will put you at ease and you will be in control all of the time, the realization that your material existence is of no great concern allows you to be totally free of worry, your life has become much easier and there is essentially nothing that can be scary to you,


but with this new knowledge and view of life, you will have concerns about humanity that will keep you busy attending to them.

How is God Truth?


If God is the source of all that is and all that will be, then how can God be anything less than truth? What would be the purpose of deception?


God is testing all of us to see if we will recognize what we truly are, it would appear in our various scriptures that God has intentions that are unknown or secret to us,


but we have to keep in mind that our scriptures have all been written and or edited by man and his brothers and sisters, they may have had some divine guidance but they lived in societies that had other people with beliefs also,


this duality of nature gives two meanings to our scriptures, mans meaning and Gods meaning, of course, God's meaning is the truth and man's meaning is of a false personality that overcomplicates things with fear and superstition,


If you make something, the truth is that you made it, what other people think about what you made is their opinions, they may think it is good or bad, that is their truths, you may not even like what you made but that does not change the fact that you made it.


God has made all that we perceive out of love and the cosmic laws keep balance in this creation, basically, cause and effect are what happens on a regular basis to everything and karma is what we create as sentient beings and sooner or later all karmic imbalances will resolve, this is how God is truth.



What is the Meaning of Life


That's right, you will find the meaning of life right here in this article, if you have an open mind and depend on your intuition somewhat in your life, what you read here will seem like a logical conclusion for what is the meaning of life,


if you are new to these sites you should probably see what they have to say before reading any further as it may seem confusing, simply stated, our lives are just for the sole purpose of adding what we learn to the cosmic total of all existence,


our eternal souls came to this planet in order to learn everything that they can, when you think of an all-knowing entity that has created all that is, this entity must have learned all that it knows in some way,


after all, there are an infinite amount of ways to exist and do things, and to an all-knowing God or force there must be very little that it does not know, so it continues through all of us to explore all of its creation by doing everything that can possibly be done,


we have all been created in Gods image and all have a part of this eternal entity inside of us and we explore life in order to try to possibly bring something new to the table of a 3 dimensional existence,


it is not just a never-ending party or hell that we must go through but there are also lessons to be learned along the way, we will have an average of about 200 human lives on this planet in order for us to do what we can to learn the ropes of this sort of existence,


we have many realizations that need to be made before we graduate and are able to continue on to the next adventure on another planet and possibly another dimension,


the rules of this existence are vague and rather subtle and to exasperate the ordeal further we are of a dualistic nature, this nature is necessary due to our material existence that is dependant on our 5 senses,


our dualism splits our divine selves from our material selves, one of our lessons are to understand this and to be able to control our senses and emotions and not let them control us,


we are all generally at different stages of our incarnations, we will make the mistakes that humans make and will have to return for another life in order to balance out the karmic scale which we will more than likely upset more than once in our many lives,


these imbalances which we create are mostly in the form of breaking commandments and drifting towards the seven deadly sins, mostly these are the results of ignorance derived from our material halves,


besides realizing the differences between right and wrong, there are other more subtle things for us to learn which include our current situations as being immortal souls, how we carry ourselves through our current lives and ultimately being able to communicate with our inner selves to the point of achieving some sort of enlightenment,


if you are new to all of this and it seems like a total fantasy, you may be in a stage of your soul lives or development that this type of knowledge is not of paramount importance to you, nonetheless, in reading through these sites will prepare your soul for what is to come and all of this knowledge which your external ego or material self will take with a grain of salt will have been evaluated by your higher self and will be put aside for future reference,


we have been given clues to our reality, the eternal force has seen fit to have inspired many individuals to have written all of the scriptures on our planet, once we realize that all of the scriptures of all religions have some worth we can begin to decipher the spiritual from the material,


to determine what is the meaning of life; is the meaning of life, ultimately you must realize that you are an eternal soul that is now residing in a 3-dimensional body in order to learn all that it can through a series of lives with no prior knowledge of its original origin,


you must not be distracted by your 5 physical senses in order to make this realization,


you must make the venture inward to commune with your soul and inner self to prove to yourself that you are not blindly following a faith into something that is so subtle by design that when the recognition is finally made a true faith will be acquired that will modify your beliefs to a point that will change your life and give you that big "oh, yea" and life will begin to flow effortlessly,


all fear and superstition will be shed from your beliefs and a "knowing" will replace your faiths as they shall be proven to you as facts by how your life unfolds from that point on,


it is true that life will become easier and you will have evolved but it is still not necessarily a slam dunk when it comes to knowing all there is to know about life,


there will still be some subtle lessons that will need to be learned that will not be from karmic issues, while you may not break any commandments and stay on the virtuous side of the actions you take,


there is always something to be learned about life and its living. What is the meaning of life is going to be easier to find out since you have been given the cheat sheet of sorts,


all of the sites connected to are based on these beliefs and will help those of you to navigate your way through life along with its mysteries and its ups and downs.


For many of you there will be unusually difficult times in your life and maybe even now you could be struggling, all of this must be taken in stride,


your soul chose this life and your parents before you were even born, the difficulties that you have now your true self chose you to have in order to learn something,


don't play the blame game and wallow in self-pity, these difficulties do not have to persist, you can change your life right now and be a new person and your life and circumstances will change along with you,


positive thinking is good but it isn't enough unless you are willing to change your lifestyle and beliefs, take control back from your material self, lose the superstition and remake yourself into who you really want to be,


showing gratitude in what you may have and not paying attention to what has hindered you in the past, problems can be resolved and a new and improved life will unfold before your eyes,


depending on how far you intend to take this newfound power is up to you and you will probably not answer all of the questions that you seek and meet all of the goals you set


but your sub-conscience will store what you have learned with your higher self to be remembered in your next life where you may start earlier on your mission towards enlightenment


and learning what is the meaning of life will come much easier for you when you know what to do and not do.


There is no easy resolution to the meaning of life, if someone tells you that they have all the answers, they are fooling themselves as the meaning of life is always being revealed to you on a daily basis,


and this is different for each and every person on the planet, there is no set schedule except possibly one that was arranged by your soul before you were even born,


your soul's agenda is set for your progress in each life before it even starts, down to who your parents are and where you are born,


you will always have free will to make the choices that you do and your progress is determined by this and by how you handle the situations that are presented to you,


there will be realizations made and wisdom acquired and you will have an unstoppable urge to tell others so that they may know your new-found truths, this is a crucial part of your many incarnations so far,


since you are different from everyone else, you may have determined that it will take more than 1000 lives for you to learn what is necessary to appease your soul,


there is nothing wrong with this and it probably will give you a more complete understanding of the total human condition than others,


but when it is time to see the light and step out of the darkness once and for all, you shall truly be prepared for your next adventure where ever it may be.

Please Give Me Guidance


You have asked and you shall receive, life isn't as hard as you may think, and things that you may value are probably short-lived and virtually unimportant, by searching for the guidance, you have been brought here,


are you doing what you are good at? Are you living your passion? You must be good at something and have a passion for something in order to be happy in life, you must now focus, the time of playing the field of life has brought you here and it is time to receive some instruction towards your happiness,


choose what gives you the most pleasure and satisfaction and excel at it with all of the passion that you can muster, you may not be religious and praying may not be your thing, this isn't a problem as long as you believe in something, like yourself,


if you have not tried meditation, then this is a good time to give it a try, self-realization or a venture within will give you answers, the sub-conscience is a powerful tool that can expand your awareness to give you the guidance that you need,


you may even feel that the world is against you and that nothing that you can do will help this situation, I have got some news for you, your higher self and you have brought these bad situations upon you in order for you to learn something,


it is time to get out of this unfortunate rut and change your life completely, stop doing the unsavory things that you do and change your system of beliefs and pursue what is good and right, it may not happen all at once but in order for a change to happen you must truly change along with your attitude about life,


once it has been recognized that you really do want and intend to change your life, it will begin to happen, and that includes taking the good with the bad and to stop seeing yourself as a victim and let the rough times bounce off of you by keeping a positive outlook,


if you are unwilling to change your ways for months at a time then you will continue to suffer, just remember that this is a test to see what kind of person you are willing to be,


once your higher self knows that you mean business life will change accordingly and soon it will be exactly what you need it to be.

Can You Lose Enlightenment?


You can lose your keys, and you can lose your temper and you can also lose your virginity, and if you try really hard you might be able to lose your enlightenment,


you see, once you have been enlightened to what reality really is and what is actually going on in your life, you will change, you will cease to do certain things anymore because you realize that they no longer benefit you,


your views of life will have new priorities that will supersede what you once knew, I cannot imagine going back to my old ways, I have had a taste of my true reality and I have no intentions of losing that,


instead, I want more and have a great desire to tell others of what I have found and I am still seeking answers about my own existence, enlightenment is not a catch-all phrase, it is a continuous endeavor that will never reach an end,


I guess that some can not handle the burst of enlightenment that they may receive and do something incredibly stupid that may set them back but that just seems highly unlikely,


I only say this because with some enlightenment always comes some wisdom which will make you realize what you have been given,


you may get frustrated at times because other people just don't understand what you do, some will refuse to listen and some will think that you are crazy, but this should not cause you to lose anything,


it should cause you to become more creative in your efforts to help enlighten others, just because you have had an experience that has changed your life and you might do something to endanger what you have learned,


this is not the end, you have learned this and will take this into your next life in order to continue where you might have left off,


the valuable lessons will not have been lost and the next time you will have the chance again to do something more creative with the knowledge you were given.

Can You Reach Enlightenment?


For those that have made the realization of our true reality, this is not much of a chore, I have always suspected as much but until the final piece of the puzzle was placed (for me) there was always some doubt,


I guess that final piece was what it took for my soul to make itself known to my physical self, at that point it had become blatantly obvious that my physical, material life was only for the purposes of training and learning,


enlightenment really has to do with knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are an immortal soul that just happens to be in this physical body right now,


you are creating your life as you live it, you are just locked into this plane of existence in order for you to learn what it is like to be human with some physical senses,


you live lives, die and then come back in a couple of hundred years to learn some more, you keep score using karma in order to maintain a cosmic balance,


the biggest challenge is to believe as strongly as you know that the sun will rise tomorrow or that the planet will rotate so that you will be able to see the sun tomorrow,


usually this will entail something of a seemingly supernatural happening, like a vision or an experience that will prove this to your ego which is normally controlled by your physical, material self,


the other route is much study and a general beliefs system that is open ended to accommodate changes and advances to your belief system,


there must be adequate control over your dualistic nature to keep the wants of your physical side to a minimum and give more control to your spiritual side,


this is not a simple chore as your physical self has all of the senses to rely upon and uses them to manipulate the ego to do its bidding, it will use your emotions to sway you into believing that your physical reality is all that there is,


this is when you must stop using the senses for periods when you practice meditation, this is what weakens your false personality, fasting is also another tool to regain control as it denies your false self something that it believes that it cannot live without,


the systematic eradication of bad habits and small sacrifices of material things that you may over indulge in will give a greater control to your true self (spiritual self),


you basically are spirit, a soul that needs nothing of a material nature to exist, this does not mean that you should quit your physical existence entirely, only that you must show your dual nature that you and your free will are in control,


yes, you can reach enlightenment with some persistence and a belief system that understands your reality more completely, when you gain enough control over your ego, things will begin to change.

Is Reality Subjective?


Everyone’s reality is most certainly subjective, there may be certain details that can be agreed upon making it an objective reality to be shared with others but ultimately it is what you live and experience that makes it real for you,


especially when it involves a spiritual belief, there is the fact that it cannot be proved to others as it was proven to you, when discussing reality, you will have physical, material proofs and spiritual beliefs that will stay subjective to the particular believer,


most everything that you experience forms your own reality, confusion arises when people other than yourself inject their own reality into yours, this is what they observe and what they experience,


it is basically second and third hand information, in this day and age of social media and political agendas, reality has become something that has been attempted to be manipulated, trying to make sense of reality from what others say cannot be depended upon to any great degree,


you have a set of beliefs that must be adhered to and certain proofs must be presented in order for your subjective beliefs to be valid, everyone has an agenda, and what people say come from many reasons that are unknown to you,


you must make your own exploration into what you have heard before you can determine if it is indeed reality or someones delusion, people tend to get caught up in emotions and fail to use reason and logic to make decisions,


they allow their pride and greed to do their thinking for them, so their ideas of reality have no basis in fact and only dilute your reasoning power, just because your reality is subjective doesn't mean that it isn't objective to others,


logic and reason plays a big part in your physical reality, what you see and hear should be analyzed as to intention and acceptability in your own thought process, not just because it inflames your emotions or the emotions of others.

Is Reality and Truth the same?


They might be if you happen to know from where you are getting your information, so far, reality and truth as it is seen by the majority of humans on this small planet aren't even nearly in the same ball park let alone something that could even be considered to be similar by popular human understanding,


the truths as perceived by physical, material beings are purely subjective at best and are most naturally distorted by our emotions and physical senses as a worst case scenario, as humans we tend to be arrogant and think that we know what others think or shall I say, should think,


most of us still believe that what we experience is all there is to reality, we not only believe what we see and hear but this is all that we believe, and we can't even agree on what our senses bring to us, true reality has nothing to do with our senses, our senses are only fabrications to help our physical selves in this particular environment,


it is only camouflage hiding our true reality, also what humans consider as truth depends upon what is of the greatest importance to each particular human, those that choose to believe what one single or a small group of individuals believe according to their particular agendas are exhibiting that they do not have a mind of their own and prefer to let others do their thinking for them,


this is only considering what your external senses are presenting to you, as for the spiritual half of your being, this too seems to have much lacking where reason and logic comes into play, if you were to only consider what your physical senses present to you in the way of evidence as to what was real and truthful, still, there would be conflict between people because of their individual perceptions and biases,


people are generally wrapped up in their own emotions which they allow to lead them in any direction that suits them, there are very few things that people are willing to agree upon and most of those have very little meaning when it comes to what is expected from life,


when it comes to spiritual truths and our spiritual reality, this is where virtue comes in, when we are in our true environment there is nothing to hide from anyone, deception cannot be accomplished because we are all connected, this is true reality and it cannot be changed.

Reality of Life



You may be asking yourself what is real and worthwhile in this life of yours, harboring such thoughts are great, they make you think, they make you explore, are you doing what you are meant to do?


What is your true purpose here? Questions like these are probably foremost in your thoughts, if you are pursuing what it is that you really have a passion for, then you are experiencing the best reality of life as you can,


you do not have to be crazy and search for some abstract meaning that only you can notice, it can be as plain as the nose on your face, most reality is like that, it may be subtle but it isn't some supernatural experience,


sometimes it is the realization that your present beliefs are wrong and that you have been chasing someone else’s beliefs without giving much thought about their validity, you have been caught up in an emotional roller-coaster that has you making embarrassingly wrong decisions for all of the wrong reasons,


this is where you learn to suck it up and exhibit a bit of humility and make the decision to make it all right, if you are fortunate enough to have this sort of realization in the same life that you have made the mistakes, it will save you from much more harsh lessons in subsequent lives,


the reality of life is that you must attempt to do what is your life's passion, you don't want to get stuck in a dead end even though that in itself will teach you something that you need to know, it is the breaking out of the rut and doing the tough things required for you to get what you truly desire,


the reality here is that you are creating your own reality here and now, your present decisions are setting you on the path that you are currently on, this can change in a moments notice if you decide to do so and the younger you are, the easier it can be,


it is when you have created a reality that has a spouse and children, that will increase the difficutly factor somewhat but not make change impossible, there is no predetermined fate that you must live, it is all based on the decisions that you make,


so don't go out and paint yourself into a corner and blame life on the results that you have created, the paint will eventually dry and you can start over again with a little more thought about what you wish to achieve in life.




Reincarnation Refuted



There is someone out there that is desperately searching for an article with this name, and the proof is just itching to be found, but unfortunately, as far as currently known by science, reincarnation is not even close to being refuted,


the reason for this is because reincarnation is a product of the soul and is not physically or materially based so it cannot come under the provisions that science uses to prove or disprove theories on an empirical basis,


since our souls are currently creating our co experienced realities as you read this and have always done this before a human walked on this planet and are so good at this deception because they are also the ones that are creating time and space,


our puny selves have no idea of how to distinguish otherwise, our souls have created the so called physics that science uses to prove our physicality as being all there is, if you were to take two of the largest religions, Christianity and Islam, there is a belief in God and also a fear factor introduced so as to help keep everyone in line,


the so called heavens and hell’s are the carrot and the threats that explain why we should always listen to God's word and follow God's rules, the only problem with these particular beliefs is that they are very limiting and stifling to an immortal, multidimensional entity that we know as our soul,


spending an eternity in an eternal bliss of having all of your desires fulfilled is extremely self serving and does not teach the soul much of anything, especially if this is given to us after living one perfect life,


and on the other side of the scale, living an eternity of damnation in a fiery hell because of a bad choice or choices made is also a waste of a soul's existence, would it not be better to live multiple lives so that you would be able to learn from your mistakes?


This sort of reasoning is another reason why reincarnation just cannot be refuted, of course you can take the atheists route where you are born, you live and then you die but that has little to no imagination, but it works for some peoples lives until they have a life with different beliefs.




Can AI be Trustworthy?


     To best understand this concept, you must first know the particular AI's creator, you don't have to have a reputable career in electronics and programming to create an AI, I am sure that there are some hackers and terrorists out there that have the skills to create an AI,


I suppose that any sort of motives can be programmed into an AI, and I am sure that a proven trustworthy company such as google may use an AI with google maps and google directions to provide you with a trustworthy service that can be counted on,


this does not mean that recommendations about where to stop for lodging may or may not be influenced by certain paid advertisers, AI has not been developed purely out of convenience, there is always an underlying profit motive in everything that it does,


even if its convenience and service is what brings you to it to begin with, also, it is the supposed facts that it is supplying, where does it get its data to support these facts? Opinions are always abundant, and depending on where you look, you can find opinions exactly tailored to your needs or your clients needs,


AI's are tools and should be depended on only in this capacity, there are always agendas out there especially on the internet that have profit in mind, either legally or illegally, your surfing habits are already being monitored, and you are being targeted as a potential customer whenever you are online,


chat AI's are designed to ferret out every bit of info that will help make you a potential customer or even a victim depending on the chat bots creator, they are always phishing for information that can gain them access to a bigger part of your life,


trusting implicitly in such technology is just asking for trouble, and when it comes to taking spiritual or religious advice from an AI, the waters become even more murkier, AI's only compile data and opinions,


they have no emotions and cannot have a true subjective experience, the only wisdom they exhibit is what is simulated through their programming, they are not worldly and thinking and believing that they are will lead you down paths that they are only aware of.




When you can't derive the Truth in Life


There sometimes is a point that is reached that leaves some people confused as to what to believe or not believe, facts are confused with opinions and agenda's,


if you wish to know the truth even if it is not what you want to hear and you really don't care if your pride is damaged in the process, then you may possibly be a true believer in truth and have made it an important part of your life no matter what,


you may even have a sense of humility where truth outweighs pride every time, if this is the case you are way ahead of the game, if not, there is still hope as there are some things that can be done to help this process,


the first and foremost is the knowledge of yourself and the reasoning behind all of your beliefs and the actions that support them, you may have not given this any real thought and you may even believe that you know yourself as well as you possibly can already,


then if this truly is the case, a review of all of your current beliefs, biases and actions could not hurt you, you must also be questioning the reasoning behind these things,


you may find yourself at a disadvantage because you can't explain why you may believe something, it may be the fear of the unknown or your ignorance about specific things,


the specifics are not the most important things at this point in time but the actual findings that you may begin to encounter, you will find that you are able to modify your character by addressing your current beliefs and the actions that follow them,


when you are able to recognize your own faults, the faults of others and reasoning behind them no longer proves to be such a mystery, this is by no means an easy path to follow,


your own proper use of your free will shall ensure that this has the possibility of being accomplished, you must lay to bear your inner most feelings and objectively observe yourself without any form of bias,


this means subjugating your pride and replacing it with humility and accept anything that you learn and allow your findings to modify your character for the better,


finding the actual truth is a lesson in recognizing sin and virtue when it confronts you, sin is a self serving motive and virtue is a selfless motive and the truth is for everyone which proves to be mostly selfless,


this can be used as a general sounding board when you are making your determinations concerning the truth in your life especially when you know what to expect in the dealings of your own life.